Dr. B. Pope is a husband, relationship coach, author, counselor, educator, and minister. Dr. B. Pope believes that marriage is one of the most important relationships that one may work at achieving, and has been happily married for over twenty years. He also believes that all people are able to live full and productive lives; when properly motivated. With this belief in mind, he has dedicated most of his adult life to serving people through ministry. He has counseled hundreds of families and individuals; aiding them in finding solutions for life’s challenges.

Also, Dr. B. Pope has been instrumental in developing comprehensive counseling programs for both singles and married couples. These programs have been used to facilitate the strengthening of relationship-building skills while allowing participants to better understand themselves. The programs also maintain a focus on empowering lives by teaching solution-finding methods, which deter problem magnification that tends to further aggravate challenging situations. He has conducted a number of professional and interpersonal relationship-building seminars and workshops. Dr. B. Pope has promoted outreach initiatives that provide aid to single parents, at-risk children, and that assist individuals and families in overcoming the adversities of day-to-day life challenges. Dr. B. Pope earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology/History at Georgia State University, his Masters of Education and Educational Specialist in Leadership at Cambridge College and his Doctorate at Argosy University. He is passionate about helping others; and is a well-respected model citizen throughout his community. Additionally, Dr. B. Pope has served in the full-time ministry for over seven years, in which he is selflessly devoted to mentoring adults and educating children for the purpose of empowering their lives forever. Dr. Pope’s experience in educating, counseling and mentoring is vast, as well as the accolades he has received from his peers. In 1999, he was the recipient of the Hope award for his hard work and dedication to the Hope Organization; which is a nonprofit organization that provides services for at-risk youth in the inner city of Atlanta.