Black Americans are leaving their homes to start their own all-Black communities

This report is part of “Turning Point,” a groundbreaking series by ABC News examining the racial reckoning sweeping the United States and exploring whether it can lead to lasting reconciliation.

For now, the small parcel of land known as Freedom, Georgia, is just a campground on red clay under the hot sun. But for the Black Americans who are moving here, it’s a dream.

So far, about 19 families, most of whom are from Georgia, have pooled their money to buy the nearly 97 acres of land in Wilkinson County, which is located about two hours south of Atlanta. It’s their escape, they said, from the everyday racism that feels like a part of life in the United States.

“We came together and we said, ‘You know what, we don’t like being slaughtered in the streets. We don’t like our children being there, being at the mercy of some psychopath that wants to tackle us and arrest us and bang our heads. We don’t want that. So how about we just come together and build our own,’” said Dr. Tabitha Ball, a licensed clinical psychologist from the Atlanta suburbs.

Renee Walters and Ashley Scott started the campaign to buy Freedom after Walters saw a viral post about buying a town “for the price of a New York apartment.”

“So when I looked at it, I saw I had all these parcels and acres. I called my friend, [Ashley], who is one of the most amazing realtors in Atlanta, and I said, ‘Sis, we have to go,'” Walters said.

The people in Freedom include a range of professionals from doctors to real estate agents. Still, the group needs to build roads and establish running water and electricity before it can start building homes.

“We’re not preaching separation and we’re not preaching segregation. No, we just want to be safe, that’s it,” Ball said. “Is that too much to ask for, just to be safe and happy and healthy? That’s what this is about.”

This is not the first time that people who felt persecuted or unwanted have pulled up stakes to settle somewhere new. Immigrants from Ireland, Italy and Germany all fled Europe and moved to the United States around the turn of the 20th century in hopes of building better lives, and created ethnic communities here.

Conservative Dutch communities left the motherland in the mid-1800s to set up Holland, Michigan. To this day, its tulip festival and iconic windmills are mainstays.

But those are examples of Americans who feel they can walk freely in this country, which, for many Black Americans, is still not the case today.

The Browns are one of many black families from across the country that came to see Freedom for themselves during an event that was held over the Labor Day Weekend. They drove down to Freedom from their home in Chicago.

“I think that if we want to feel safe [and] secure and be able to honor our culture, our heritage and plan for our children and not have to worry about what happens to them when they leave out the door, we have to … not necessarily segregate, but have our own [space],” Marissa Brown said.

“There are so many communities that have their own space, and it’s not that we’re anti-anything… We have to be pro-black love, and black love matters. Black community matters. Black power matters,” Brown added.

Historian Kendra Taira Field, an associate professor of history at Tufts University in Massachusetts, underlines that Black Americans have tried to set up their own communities like Freedom before. She said the reason they’ve done this has been to escape racial violence, and pointed to examples in Nicodemus, Kansas; Eatonville, Florida; and Mound Bayou, Mississippi.

She said these all-Black communities sprung up at times when Black Americans were lynched and hung from trees in their neighborhoods.

“There’s a really rich and long history of African American emigration both domestically and also abroad. For instance, [the] ‘Back to Africa’ moment, and [it’s] almost always in response to … the history of racial violence and economic exploitation in the U.S.,” Field said.

Field said that Black Americans often decide to segregate themselves because, for them, it feels safer to only be surrounded by their own people. They feel it gives them a chance to thrive.

Field knows this personally; her family started an all-Black settlement in Oklahoma.

“Then when that fell through, and Oklahoma ended up looking a lot like Mississippi in terms of its Jim Crow laws, they were participating in a ‘Back to Africa’ movement,” she said. “They ended up helping to purchase a ship for $69,000 in 1913 and [1914], and actually migrating to the Gold Coast, which is now present-day Ghana.”

Ghana has now produced one of the world’s fastest growing economies, according to the International Monetary Fund. The African country’s success ranks alongside several countries in Europe.

In recent years, Black Americans searching for a real-life Wakanda started moving to Ghana in droves.

Rashad McCrorey, 40, from Harlem in New York City, moved to Ghana during the COVID-19 pandemic to runs his travel company, Africa Cross-Culture. He said he is now living his best life with no thoughts of looking back.

“I feel myself healing. I’m starting to see Black people with loving unity,” McCrorey said. “It’s all part of this systematic injustice that put us in a condition where a lot of times we have to come out of America to heal — to be places where we’re not always the victim. We’re not always in protection mode.”

For the first time in his life, McCrorey said he is not afraid of the police. There, he said, he’s seen citizens have altercations with officers without it ending in violence or death.

“Only in Ghana [do] I have police friends,” he said. “In America I refuse to have police friends, no matter what the ethnicity is … and it comes from the system.”

Even the music he listens to in Ghana is different than in the states, he said.

“[With American music], it’s drugs, drugs, murder, murder, you know, on everything. Here we’re not hearing that on everything,” McCrorey said. “It’s a lot of things going on in America that as Black Americans, we need to get away from sometime … [and] see what real healthy living is about.”

For those who are settling in Freedom, Georgia, it’s a new beginning for them, too. Co-founder Ashley Scott says Black Americans today are suffering trauma and the solution for them is to get away.

“This land is to be an example and an inspiration to other families that you, too, can buy land together and create the village that you want for yourself,” said Scott during a cookout and ribbon cutting for the new city.

“This is our village. We are a village of families and we happen to be Black families. But what we want is for all families to have an experience, that same power of doing something together and building something for ourselves. That is what this mission and this movement really is.”

Who are the Proud Boys?

It’s not yet clear if the first US presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden swayed the country’s few undecided voters, but there was another group who clearly enjoyed a moment in the spotlight last night: the Proud Boys.

During the debate, Trump was confronted by Biden about his leniency toward white supremacists and right-wing militias, and he was asked by moderator Chris Wallace to publicly condemn them. He didn’t do that, although he did address one such group, the Proud Boys. He said:

Proud Boys stand back, and stand by, but I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about Antifa and the left because this is not a right wing problem this is a left wing.

Who are the Proud Boys Trump told to “stand back and stand by”? If you’re wondering, you’re not alone—the whole world (wide web) was , too, propelling the group toward newfound notoriety.

A far-right, self-described “western chauvinistic” group, Proud Boys are listed as a white supremacist hate group by the FBI, and have been tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center since 2016, when they were founded by Gavin McInnes, the co-founder of Vice Media (which he had left in 2008). In an article introducing the group, McInnes said they longed for a time “when girls were girls and men were men” and stood against politically correct conversations. Essentially a social club with a mission to promote white western values, Proud Boys was born as an informal small group, but it quickly grew into a more structured organization, with rules against masturbation, and mandatory tattoos of the group’s name to attain a certain level of membership.

Although the group rejects labels of white supremacy or accusations of  harboring biases against certain religions, its members are vocally Islamophobic and anti-Semitic, as well as misogynistic, believing that western values, particularly as  embodied by white men, are endangered. (McInnes—who supposedly left the group in 2018 but is still active in its channels—publicly decried a “war against whites”). The Proud Boys were among the main groups represented in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, where a woman was killed by violent neo-Nazis.

The exact number of members is unknown, but there are estimated to be at least several hundreds, with representation in all US states and several international chapters, including in UK, Canada, Australia, and Norway.

Proud Boys member have a uniform of sorts: Fred Perry polo shirts in black with yellow trimming are a favorite—to the point the UK clothing brand decided to discontinue making them to distance itself from the group.

The group is opposed to Black Lives Matter and this past Saturday it organized a rally in Portland, Oregon, and other US cities, where members of the group gathered carrying protective gear and weapons, threatening violent clashes. In 2019, a member of the group had threatened the life of Portland’s democratic mayor, Ted Wheeler.

Although some Republicans said Trump’s instructions during the debate were meant to criticize the group, and Proud Boys chairman Eric Tarrio said he didn’t take the president’s words as a direct endorsement, many of his fellow group members didn’t take it that way. Proud Boys have always been Trump supporters, and they celebrated his comments, reading it as an acknowledgement of their importance and their role opposing BLM protests:

Though they have been banned from Facebook and Twitter, the group has a presence on the rightwing favored social network Parler; on it, they celebrated the debate mention, and called Trump their “new leader:”

Screen shot from Parler

While watching the debate live, McInnes associate Ryan Katsu Rivera referred to Trump’s statement as “a general command,” and Tarrio, posted in response to the president’s words, “standing by, sir.”

The group is also selling a t-shirt inspired by the president’s words on, an  online store for far-right merchandise.

This article was updated to add that Gavin McInnes left Vice Media in 2008.

Trumps Calls For Poll Watchers Raises Fears About Voter Intimidation

Voters wait in line to cast their ballot at an early voting location in Fairfax, Virginia on September 18, 2020. Growing tensions in the country have some election officials worried about potential violence at polling places.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

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Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Voters wait in line to cast their ballot at an early voting location in Fairfax, Virginia on September 18, 2020. Growing tensions in the country have some election officials worried about potential violence at polling places.

Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Concern is growing over potential confrontations at polling places due to deep partisan divides and baseless claims by President Trump that Democrats will “steal” the election.

In Tuesday night’s debate with Democrat Joe Biden, Trump repeated his attacks on widespread mail-in voting, calling it a “disaster” and saying “this is not going to end well.”

The president also urged his supporters, as he has done before, “to go into the polls and watch very carefully.”

Such appeals have unnerved voting rights advocates and election officials, especially in light of civil unrest in several cities around the country that have pitted armed groups from the left and right against each other.

The concerns about potential polling place violence come at a time of immense stress for election officials, who are contending with how to run an election during a pandemic while also trying to reassure voters that the democratic process remains fair and transparent even amid the president’s increasingly strident rhetoric about voting.

The recent appearance of chanting Trump supporters outside an early voting site in Fairfax County, Virginia, has also raised alarms.

Voters were not blocked from voting at the site, but some said they felt intimidated by people who waved campaign signs and shouted, “Four more years.” This followed the arrival of a noisy caravan of Trump supporters on motorcycles in a nearby parking lot.

The incident led Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, to issue an opinion noting that there are federal and state laws prohibiting voter intimidation.

“Voting is a fundamental right. It is the foundation of our democracy, and no Virginian should ever feel for their safety or feel intimidated when they exercise their right to vote,” he said.

Herring said it was unclear, however, if any laws were broken in the Fairfax case, in part because the Trump supporters stayed more than the required 40-foot distance from the polls.

Still, the incident was a sign of how fraught this year’s elections have become. Republicans say people overreacted and no one should have felt intimidated. But Democrats point to Trump’s comments and to a recent militant-sounding appeal from his son, Donald Trump Jr., for supporters to protect the integrity of the election.

“We need every able-bodied man, woman to join Army for Trump’s election security operation at defendyour,” Trump Jr. said in a video posted online. “We need you to help us watch them. Not just on Election Day, but also during early voting and at the counting boards. President Trump is going to win. Don’t let them steal it.”

The Republican National Committee announced months ago that it planned to recruit as many as 50,000 people to serve as poll watchers this year. RNC Chief Counsel Justin Riemer told NPR that their main jobs would be to monitor voting for irregularities that might be used as evidence in later legal challenges, and to help with get-out-the-vote efforts.

“The Democrats would say that we are there to suppress the vote. That is absolutely not the case. I can assure you that that is not why we have volunteers and attorneys participating in this process,” Riemer said.

Most states allow political parties and campaigns to appoint people to sit inside polling sites to monitor voting. But there are specific rules governing what they can and can’t do. Generally, if a poll watcher has a concern or wants to challenge a voter’s qualifications, they’re required to bring the issue up with the chief on-site election official. They are strictly prohibited from interfering with or directly approaching voters.

It’s the self-appointed poll watchers — those who might show up at the polls unannounced — that have some people more worried. President Trump added to those concerns Tuesday when he complained that his supporters were prevented from monitoring an early-voting site in Philadelphia, calling it a sign of “corruption.”

He failed to mention that the individuals had not been registered as poll watchers and that the location was a satellite elections office, not an official polling site.

Josh Horwitz, executive director of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, said he’s also worried about what might happen if some of those who come to the polls are armed. He noted the increased presence of armed militia at protests and political rallies around the country.

“We’re not trying to cause panic or anything like that. All we’re asking is that local election officials and state officials do what they can in the remaining month to best protect their polling places and the integrity of the elections,” he said.

His group, along with Guns Down America, issued a report noting that few states have laws expressly prohibiting guns at polling sites. Although some prohibit them at schools and county buildings that often serve as polling locations.

The gun control groups recommended that state and local governments tighten such laws and, at the very least, train poll workers on how to respond if a problem does arise.

Most election officials try to de-escalate potential conflicts first. In Fairfax County, they asked the Trump supporters to move back and not block voters’ access, and Republicans said they complied. In more serious cases, officials might call in the police.

All the talk of trouble at the polls could have a negative effect on turnout, worries Kristen Clarke, who’s president and executive director of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Her group runs Election Protection, a national network of lawyers on call to help voters with any problems they encounter.

Clarke notes that past threats by Trump and others to send armies of supporters to watch the polls never materialized.

“This is a pattern and practice that we have seen throughout the years, these wild exaggerations and bold proclamations that often fall flat in the end, but are intended to have a particular effect, intended to discourage or deter people from voting,” she said.

Clarke doesn’t think voters should be overly worried, but prepared instead to report problems if they do occur.

Mailmen selling ballots. Dumped in rivers. Found in creeks: Trump makes unfounded claims about mail-in voting

WASHINGTON – Voting rights experts sounded the alarm over outrageous claims President Donald Trump made about mail-in voting during Tuesday night’s presidential debate and his refusal to say that he would accept election results.

From claiming  mail carriers in West Virginia are “selling the ballots” to arguing that mail ballots are being “dumped in rivers” and “creeks,” Trump ramped up his yearlong assault on mail-in voting with misleading and conspiratorial statements in his first debate against Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

“This is not going to end well,” Trump warned, continuing his long line of attacks about mail-in voting throughout the campaign intended to cast doubt over the legitimacy of the November election.

Election experts pushed back Wednesday.

“What he said was full of misstatements and inaccuracies,” Lawrence Norden, director of the Election Reform Program for the Brennan Center for Justice at the New York School of Law. “Mail-in ballots are safe and secure. We’ve been voting in some form by mail since the Civil War.

“It’s dangerous to be making these false statements and accusations so close to the election.”

In this combination image of two photos showing both President Donald Trump, left, and former Vice President Joe Biden during the first presidential debate Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, at Case Western University and Cleveland Clinic, in Cleveland, Ohio.

Trump would not commit to refraining from prematurely claiming victory before all absentee ballots are counted. He also warned he could challenge the legitimacy of mail-in ballots to the Supreme Court to settle the election.

“I think I’m counting on them to look at the ballots, definitely,” Trump said.

Here’s a rundown of some of Trump’s falsehoods and misleading statements about mail-in voting:

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Trump misleads on ‘unsolicited’ mail-in ballots

Trump claimed his objection to mail-in voting is only with “unsolicited” mail ballots, adding that they’re “sending millions of ballots all over the country.”

Yet in the vast majority of states, including nearly every battleground state, voters simply have the option to request mail-in ballots. This includes Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona – the six states most likely to decide the election.

Millions more people are expected to vote by mail because of the coronavirus pandemic. But only nine states and the District of Columbia are holding universal mail-in elections – in which ballots are automatically mailed unsolicited to all registered voters without needing to first request one. 

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More:Donald Trump keeps blasting ‘universal’ mail voting. But few states are planning that in November

Five of those states, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Utah and Hawaii, planned to hold all-mail elections even before the pandemic and only one of those states – Nevada – is considered a swing state in the race for president. By far, the state that will account for most of the unsolicited mail-in ballots in the U.S. is California, which Biden is expected to win easily.

Ballots dumped in ‘creeks’ and a ‘wastepaper basket’

Decrying mail-in voting, Trump said, “There’s fraud. They found them in creeks. They found some, just happened to have the name Trump just the other day in a wastepaper basket.”

It appears Trump was referring to two separate cases from last week – but neither amounts to clear examples of widespread voter fraud.

Fox News reported three trays of mail that included some absentee ballots were found in a ditch – which Trump may have been referencing when he said “creek” – in Outagamie County, Wisconsin. The mail was en route to the post office and was returned to the postal inspector when discovered. Investigators did not say whether the ballots were being sent to voters or turned in by voters.

More:Feds announce inquiry involving 9 mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania as Trump rails about fraud

Trump’s reference to “wastepaper baskets” stems from federal authorities announcing an inquiry into nine discarded mail-in military ballots recovered from a county elections office in northeast Pennsylvania. Seven of the ballots were cast for Trump.

But the FBI said there was no evidence of a “coordinated” voter fraud campaign.

Norden pointed to several security measures in place to ensure that mail-in ballots cast by voters make it to election officials: representative of both parties are assigned to monitor absentee ballots; a process that exists to ensure the number of voters who sent back ballots matches the number counted; and systems that allow voters to track their ballots after returning it.

“These kind of baseless accusations don’t have any basis in reality,” Norden said.

West Virginia officials correct Trump on false claim

Trump singled out West Virginia, saying, “Take a look at West Virginia, mailmen selling the ballots. They’re being sold. They’re being dumped in rivers. This is a horrible thing for our country.”

The president was referencing a case from July in which a postal carrier in Pendleton County, West Virginia, pleaded guilty to mail and election fraud for changing the political affiliation on five voter absentee ballots applications – not ballots – from Democrat to Republican during the state’s primary.

More:West Virginia mail carrier guilty of election fraud after altering ballot requests to Republican

West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner, a Republican, issued a statement Wednesday to offer “clarification” about Trump’s statements, noting that the case did not involve mail ballots.

“Voters should be confident that this election will be safe, secure, and fair,” Warner said. “This was a prime example of a dedicated clerk, closely watching her election process, and quickly reporting an anomaly as she had been trained to do. The system worked, and we were able to rapidly assure the voters of West Virginia that the election was secure.”

Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., was more pointed in his remarks.

“It’s plain wrong that President Trump would mislead Americans to think mail-in voter fraud is happening in West Virginia,” Manchin. “There is no widespread voter fraud in West Virginia and any claim to the contrary is false. “

Trump states falsehoods on why ballots are rejected

At another point in the debate, Trump said, “I read today where at least 1% of the ballots for 2016 were invalidated. They take them. We don’t like them. We don’t like them. They throw them out left and right.”

The president was accurate about the number of invalidated ballots. According to a report from the U.S. Assistance Election Commission, 318,728 absentee ballots, around 1%, were rejected in the 2016 presidential election.

But there is no evidence to suggest that election officials discarded ballots because they “don’t like them.”

The same report found 27.5% of ballots were rejected because of non-matching signatures; 23% because of missed deadlines; and 20% because of no signatures, among other valid reasons. Each requirement is meant to limit voter fraud.

It was safeguards designed to ensure the authenticity of absentee ballots that led to 1% of them getting rejected in 2016. Rejected mail ballots are usually the result of user error by the voter, not fraud.

Trump leaves out key point on extended deadlines

Trump bemoaned how some states allow mail-in ballots to be received days after the election.

Recent court decisions in battleground states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin extended mail-in ballots deadlines.

More:Appeals court allows extension of Wisconsin’s absentee ballot deadlines

“Can you imagine where they say, ‘You have to have your ballot in by Nov. 10?’ Nov. 10,” Trump said. “That’s seven days after the election, in theory, should have been announced.”

But Trump did not mention that mail-in ballots in all states must still be postmarked by Election Day – and, in many states, days before Election Day. No one will be actively voting after Election Day.

Two ballots don’t mean two votes

As he railed on “unsolicited” mail-in ballots, Trump brought up a recent case in which voters in a “Democrat area” received two ballots. It appears he was talking about Fairfax County, Virginia.

“They sent two in a Democrat area. They sent out a thousand ballots. Everybody got two ballots. This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen,” Trump said.

Around 1,000 voters in Fairfax County – and at least 1,400 voters overall in Virginia – received duplicate ballots in recent weeks because of a printing issue, the Washington Post reported. Local officials blamed the high volume of mail-in ballot requests for the error.

But Virginia election officials stressed that safeguards are in place to ensure that voters won’t be able to vote twice. That includes a verification system that would reject the extra ballot if an individual tried to vote more than once.

Reach Joey Garrison on Twitter @joeygarrison.

Man charged in shooting attack on two L.A. County deputies

L.A. County Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey announced charges Wednesday morning against a man in the shooting attack on two deputies at the Compton Metro station earlier this month.

Attempted murder charges were filed against Deonte Lee Murray, 36, who was taken into custody Sept 15 after a lengthy standoff in Lynwood in connection with a separate case. At the time, Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Murray was suspected in an armed carjacking and was not involved in the shooting.

The deputies — a 31-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man who have not been identified by the Sheriff’s Department — were shot in the face and head while sitting in their patrol car near the Compton Metro station on Sept. 12. They underwent surgery, and both have since been released from the hospital.

At a court appearance Wednesday, Murray pleaded not guilty to the charges. Both his attorney, Jack Keenan, and the prosecutor, Jack Garden, asked that media requests for photographs and video footage of Murray in the courtroom be denied, citing the ongoing investigation and $300,000 reward for information.

Judge Michael J. Shultz agreed.

“His identity is a material issue in this case,” Shultz said, noting that it “would compromise the defense, the prosecution or both” to visually ID Murray at this time.

Keenan said Murray, who is being housed downtown at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility, has been having a difficult time in the facility.

“He doesn’t get fed, his food gets thrown away, he hasn’t eaten today,” he said

Keenan requested that Murray be relocated elsewhere within Twin Towers, or to a different facility altogether, given “the nature of the victims in the case.”

The judge denied that request, but said he would order deputies to reevaluate Murray’s housing and address its propriety. Bail was set at $6.1 million, and Murray is due back in court in November 17.

Murray was previously charged with one felony count each of carjacking, second-degree robbery and assault with a semiautomatic firearm. The charges include allegations of association with a criminal street gang, discharging a rifle inflicting great bodily injury and personal use of an AR-15. He pleaded not guilty.

Capt. Kent Wegener said Wednesday that Murray led investigators on a pursuit before his arrest, during which he threw a pistol from his car. He said a ballistic comparison revealed that the .40 caliber pistol was the same weapon used in the attack on the deputies, and it was linked to Murray through forensic testing. The gun was loaded with eight rounds, five rounds short of its full capacity, he said. And five rounds were fired at the two deputies.

“At this point, investigators believe that Deonte Murray acted alone,” Wegener said.

The shooting of the deputies was captured on surveillance video. It shows a figure in dark clothes casually walk up a pathway near the Compton Blue Line station, approaching the parked patrol car from behind.

Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies block Carlin Avenue as they search for a carjacking suspect.

Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies block Carlin Avenue as they search for a carjacking suspect on Sept. 15 in Lynwood.

(Jason Armond / Los Angeles Times)

The person draws closer and turns to face the passenger door of the black-and-white patrol SUV, his steps quickening. Inches from the window, he raises a gun, opens fire and runs back the way he came.

Moments later, the passenger door opens and a deputy stumbles out, hand on head. The driver’s door opens soon after. On the radio, a garbled voice mutters: “998 Compton Pax.”

“Compton Pax, deputies down,” the wounded deputy says, almost unintelligibly. “Compton Pax 998.”

The female deputy managed to get out of the cruiser and help her partner hide behind a concrete pillar for safety, not knowing whether the gunman was still in the area.

She applied a tourniquet to her partner’s arm, which was bleeding.

US Election 2020: Democrats take lead in early mail-in voting

More Democratic voters than Republican ones in key battleground states have requested and returned their mail-in ballots for the November election – a sign that has GOP strategists worried President Donald Trump‘s attack on mail-in voting will backfire on their party.

Of the more than 9 million voters who requested mail ballots as of Monday in five critical states where the data is available –  Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maine and Iowa – 52 per cent were Democrats, 28 per cent were Republicans, and 20 per cent were unaffiliated.

Additional internal Democratic and Republican Party data obtained by The Washington Post shows a similar trend in Ohio, Minnesota, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, the paper reported. 

Republicans are so concerned that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has met with Trump twice on the issue, encouraging him to stop talking about mail balloting ‘imprecisely,’ a strategist told the paper. 

Florida and North Carolina – two states were Trump is fighting to win and polls show the race within the margin to Democratic rival Joe Biden – have Democratic voters returning their ballots at a higher rate that Republicans. 

It’s believed Trump needs Florida – his new home state – to win a second term. 

Republicans worry President Trump's railing against mail-in voting could hurt them in November

Republicans worry President Trump's railing against mail-in voting could hurt them in November

Republicans worry President Trump’s railing against mail-in voting could hurt them in November

Broward County Mayor Dale V.C. Holness helps load vote-by-mail ballots into a truck for transport to a local U.S. Postal Service office in Florida Thursday

Broward County Mayor Dale V.C. Holness helps load vote-by-mail ballots into a truck for transport to a local U.S. Postal Service office in Florida Thursday

Broward County Mayor Dale V.C. Holness helps load vote-by-mail ballots into a truck for transport to a local U.S. Postal Service office in Florida Thursday

A record number of voters – more than 80 million – are expected to vote via mail because of the coronavirus pandemic. There’s also concerns that older voters, who are an usually reliable voting bloc, may stay home on Election Day because of the pandemic. 

Trump has repeatedly assailed mail-in voting, including during Tuesday night’s presidential debate.

‘This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen,’ he said of the November vote, citing mail-in ballots.

An election official wearing a protective mask drops off a mail-in ballot in a drop box at a polling location in Miami

An election official wearing a protective mask drops off a mail-in ballot in a drop box at a polling location in Miami

An election official wearing a protective mask drops off a mail-in ballot in a drop box at a polling location in Miami

Trump has repeatedly claimed mail-in ballots will lead to a ‘rigged’ election despite numerous studies showing that is the case. 

‘If I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that,’ Trump said as many states have begun mailing out their general election ballots.

And he complained about the New York City ballots in a Wednesday morning tweet.

The New York City Board of Elections is printing and resending nearly 100,000 absentee ballots to voters who received erroneous envelopes in their ballot packages. Several Brooklyn voters received absentee ballots with the wrong name and address printed on the return envelope. 

‘Wow! 100,000 Mail In Ballots in New York City a total MESS. Mayor and Governor have no idea what to do. Big Fraud, Unfixable! Cancel Ballots and go out and VOTE, just like in past decades, when there were no problems!,’ Trump wrote on Twitter.

Republican officials told The Post they are working to reverse the mail-in voting trend and to reassure voters their mail-in ballot will count. 

‘It’s astronomical,’ said one Republican strategist, who noted he was ‘horrified’ by the discrepancy. ‘You see these numbers in a state like North Carolina, and how can you not be concerned?’

Trump surrogates and family members, including Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, are recording calls to urge supporters to vote by mail.

Additionally, the party has invested heavily in a ground game, having volunteers knock on doors to encourage people to vote.

‘We always expected to be behind at this point as Democrats have made it their mission to push for an all-mail election that brings fraud and chaos into the system,’ said Republican National Committee spokesman Mike Reed. ‘You’ll see Democrats predominantly vote by mail, and our voters will come out in droves to vote in person, especially on Election Day.’   

Democrats have feared Trump would not accept the results of the November 3 election. Both sides have legal teams on stand by in case of challenges to mail-in ballots.

Given that different states have different rules regarding mail-in ballots – such as when the count can start and how long they can be accepted by election boards – the results of the presidential election may not be known for a few weeks. 

Swing state voters appalled by Trump-Biden debate, but will it change minds?

CLEVELAND — Voters called Tuesday night’s contentious first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden an ugly embarrassment — one that may have some undecided voters tilting toward Biden.

“It was a mess,” said lawyer Anthony Amato from North Royalton, a GOP-leaning suburb of Cleveland.

“I expected to Trump to come out aggressive, as he did,” added Amato, a Democrat who has two college-aged kids and who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. “He tried to throw Joe off his game. But Joe did a good job of talking directly to the American people.”

He doubted the ugly back-and-forth over 90 minutes would change any minds, saying, “I just can’t conceive how someone could be undecided right now. It’s beyond my comprehension.”

Elaine Yonek, a teacher from the Cleveland suburbs and a Democrat, called the debate “embarrassing,” “upsetting” and a “free-for-all” — but also said she didn’t think it would move the dial one way or the other.

“Everybody I know is one side or the other,” she said.

Cyndi Schillinger, a mother of two from the suburbs who voted for Clinton, said she missed having a president she could consider a role model for her kids.

“To see him just arguing and yelling and lying last night, even my kids who are 9 and 12 are like, ‘How does a human act like this?'”

She said they shut off the microphones when the other person is talking in future debates. “My children have to do that when they do virtual learning,” Schillinger said.

She also predicted no minds would be changed, but some undecided voters at a debate panel outside of Cleveland said they were now tilting toward Biden.

“If you’re going to ask me who won the debate, I don’t think either one won. They danced around, called each other names, were disrespectful,” said Ohioan Norma Wible, told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing after watching. She added that their performances “would edge me a little more towards Biden, but not much.”

Outside a Walmart store in Youngstown, Raymond Duffett, an orthopedic surgeon and a “firm Trump supporter,” said the president should keep a cooler head in the next debate.

“I watched every minute and did not learn anything,” he said, adding, “There should be only one mic for both of them and they have to take turns.”

Jesse Winland, who was driving a white pickup truck with pro-2nd Amendment stickers and the words “hillbilly deluxe” written across back, said he leans Trump but “I don’t like either of them.”

He said the debate was “the worst one I’ve ever seen….nothing said was worth listening to.”

“Trump just needs to keep his mouth shut….He likes to run his mouth too much,” Winland said.

Winland, who works on a horse farm, sells produce and trades Hot Wheels cars from his collection of over 30,000, complained that neither candidate “said anything about how they’re going to help working people.”

At a debate watch party in Minneapolis, the city where George Floyd’s death under the knee of a police officer set off protests against racism and police brutality, voters said they were disturbed by the president’s comments about their city, and his failure to condemn white supremacists who’ve been causing havoc.

Laura Hedlund said she was disgusted by what she saw on stage from the president, and singled out his remark that the far right extremist group the Proud Boys should “stand back and stand by.”

“The fact that he didn’t even call out the Proud Boys, that he did not diminish the white supremacy, any of the violence that’s happening — it’s almost like he wants those to be his army. And that’s not democracy,” Hedlund said.

“The death of George Floyd was a tragedy” and “a moment of reckoning for all of us,” she said. “I think what was so hard about watching that videotape is the total disregard for another human being. And I think you also saw that in Donald Trump’s presentation today — total disregard for people who are not of his tribe.”

Hedlund said the country needs “an American president that’s for all Americans — blue states, red states. We need unity…that’s what I think people are craving.”

Another attendee, Aaron Tiesel, said he thinks Trump has “convinced himself of a false narrative of what exactly happened in Minneapolis, that there was some sort of onslaught and an assault by antifa, and these left wing boogeyman, and that the cops in the National Guard took the city back when it really didn’t happen.”

Tiesel acknowledged “there was some bad stuff going on” during the protests, but said the president “has yet to comprehend that there’s a difference between the protesters and the folks that were there just to start stuff and burn things down.”

Alex Seitz-Wald reported from Ohio, Shaquille Brewster from Minnesota and Dareh Gregorian reported from New York.

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